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Cordium Links Achieves Mortara Certified Partner Status
June 01, 2006

Cordium Links demonstrates readiness to support HL7 annotated ECG submissions 


Morganton, NC – June 1, 2006 -  Cordium Links, a provider of centralized cardiac safety monitoring, announced today the successful completion of Mortara Instrument’s Certified Partner Program.  Certification under this program ensures that all digital cardiac safety data processed by Cordium Links will be managed in compliance with the HL7 XML Format FDA standard required for upload of datasets into the E-Scribe ECG Warehouse.


“Our customers can be certain that their digital cardiac safety data conforms to all HL7 XML Format FDA standards and that the data will be imported into the E-Scribe Warehouse without difficulty,” said Kurian Abraham, MD, CEO of Cordium Links.  “ We are enthused about our partnership with Mortara  and the quality associated with their products and software.”


The ECG Warehouse was developed by Mortara in collaboration with the FDA as a repository for annotated electrocardiographic studies provided to the FDA in support of new drug applications.  Based on the E-Scribe system, FDA reviewers can access the warehouse to process ECG data.  In addition to data warehousing, sponsors can elect to utilize ECG Warehouse tools for dataset import and format validation; web-based query; and review of ECG data and VERITAS algorithmic scoring for rank ordering ECG records of interest.


About Cordium Links

Cordium Links ( is a global provider of centralized cardiac safety data monitoring.  Located in western North Carolina , Cordium Links offers full service cardiac data monitoring for all phases of clinical trials.  With a focus on training and protocol specific needs, Cordium Links provides a new alternative to other ECG Core Laboratories.

About Mortara

Mortara Instrument headquarters are located in Milwaukee, Wis., with European operations based in Bologna, Italy . Mortara is distinguished in the field of non-invasive cardiology innovations that are the core of its complete line of ECG products including electrocardiographs, stress exercise systems, Holter systems, data warehousing solutions, and cardiology monitoring systems. The company website is

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