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Mortara Instrument, Inc. Announces Release 2 of E-Scribe ECG Warehouse
August 11, 2006

Mortara ECG Warehouse Toolset Expanded to Further Enhance Evaluation of Cardiac Safety Data

August 11, 2006  MILWAUKEE, WI USA  - Mortara Instrument, Inc. announced today that Release 2 of the E-Scribe ECG Warehouse is now available for immediate use in the evaluation of annotated ECG data sets. Following the successful launch of the Mortara ECG Warehouse in September of 2005, more than 250,000 annotated ECGs have been collected in support of new drug applications.  With Release 2, Mortara has added powerful new tools for sorting, ranking, and displaying ECG data for rapid identification of ECGs of interest.

The Mortara ECG Warehouse was developed by Mortara in collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to act as a repository for annotated electrocardiographic (ECG) studies provided to the FDA in support of new drug applications. The system is designed to be used by FDA reviewers to process ECG data with advanced tools and viewing technologies based upon Mortara’s E-Scribe Rx product and VERITAS™ ECG algorithms.

Release 2 is also immediately available to all pharmaceutical industry sponsors who have elected to use the Mortara ECG Warehouse prior to new drug application for dataset import and format validation; web-based query; and review of ECG data and VERITAS™ algorithmic scoring.

Randy Spaulding, Vice President of Clinical Research for Mortara, commented, “We at Mortara are very excited to build upon the successful launch of the ECG Warehouse and to be playing an important role in the drug development process under our CRADA agreement with the FDA.” Spaulding further elaborated, “Release 2 demonstrates our on-going commitment to listen to the evolving needs of the FDA and responding with powerful new tools to address those needs.  Input from Sponsors actively using the Mortara ECG Warehouse was also incorporated into this release, providing additional study quality assessment tools for review of data prior to regulatory submission.” 
Mortara Instrument, Inc, based in Milwaukee, WI , is distinguished in the field of non-invasive cardiology for innovations that are the core of the company’s complete line of ECG products including electrocardiographs, stress exercise systems, Holter systems and data warehousing solutions, and cardiology monitoring systems.  The company’s website is  Additional information about the Mortara ECG Warehouse can be found at

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